Short term, solution oriented coaching for  parents


Hi, I'm Malka Neustader, “Coach Malka”

I'm Ema (Mom) to 6 kids, aged 10 to 23; it's safe to say I've seen quite alot!

I found “Gishat Shefer” (the Shefer Method) when I found myself asking:

Why aren't they listening to me?

Will it always be so tiring and stressful?

How can I make things better for our family? 

What's the Shefer Method?

The Shefer Method was developed to address the needs of modern families. It offers parents a new understanding of their kids' behavior. With this insight, parents discover hidden strengths in themselves and their children, build trust and encourage cooperation.


The Shefer Method taught me to be confident about raising my kids, to get rid of guilt and turn our family into a loving, cooperative team. It can do the same for you.


Yes, I'm interested in private coaching with Malka

What to expect from a coaching session with me

♥ Relief. I will listen to your story, whatever it is, without judging you, or your kids.

♥  Privacy. What you share stays confidential.
♥  Guidance. I will show you what you can do to improve life with your kids.
♥  Hope. If what you've tried so far hasn't helped, give yourself another chance!

 Let's talk! (just send the form and we'll do that!)

Yes, I'm interested in working with Malka

הורים בראש עם מלכה ניוסטדטר

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