Parenting is an awesome adventure!

It can feel thrilling, scary, and confusing. 

I am a guide.

Let me help you find your best way forward

Get clarity, direction & purpose
with the "Horim Barosh" 
Workshop for Parents

Get comfortable in your parenting; you're allowed to enjoy it!

Discover your purpose as a parent; empower yourself to fulfill it!

Feel confident to handle any adventure, at every age and stage

Before I had kids, I knew just what our home would be like. Having real kids was totally different from what I expected! 

I was frustrated, and wanted to know how I could create the life I wanted.


"Gishat Shefer" helped me understand what was going on, and what I could do about it. Today, we have a more cooperative, happier family and you can, too!

I'm Malka Neustadter, Ema of 6 kids ages 9-22, certified parenting coach, and I love figuring out what works and sharing it with other parents. I teach "Gishat Shefer" in workshops I call "Horim Barosh" since they start with the changes we make in our own heads, and see parents as leaders, at the head of the family.

Yes, I want a better life with my kids

Create improvements that last!

Achieve your parenting goals

A workshop shows you how to make it real

Feel Better! Parents today can feel overwhelmed. I offer a safe, non-judgemental space where you can figure out what your parenting is about, learn what's getting in the way of it working and how you can make things better!


"Horim Barosh" workshops offer a new way of understanding our mission as parents. You can expect greater clarity and sense of purpose, to feel less confused and stressed, and to enjoy relationships with less conflict,  more trust and more cooperation. You may even get more and better sleep!

Develop Skills. Throughout the workshop, try new things at home with support and guidance each step of the way, finding what works for you.

Create Connections. A "horim barosh" workshop is your opportunity to create a community of fellow parents which will support you long after the meetings are over. We learn not just from lessons but from each other, and grow as a group while we each create change in our own families.


That sounds nice, but how exactly does it work?

A group of parents meet weekly for 16 sessions. In the first half we learn a theoretical framework together. Then we practice applying what we learned to the real issues and challenges facing us at home right now. 

I have toddlers / teenagers.

Is this right for that age?

The same principles apply to parent-child relationships from birth until they achieve adulthood. This workshop provides understanding and tools you can use at all ages and stages of raising kids!


Of course each age and stage comes with particular issues and we'll learn how to effectively apply the principles to your particular situation.

I am so busy already, how can I fit this in?

If you want to get the most out of your life then you will be busy! Committing time to learning and practicing new attitudes and ways of relating to my kids has freed up time and energy for other important things I want to do. It can work for you, too.

Is this really worth my time?

It's definitely proven its value in my life and the life of thousands of parents who have let the Shefer approach free them from guilt, embrace their role as parents with newfound confidence and gain closer, more cooperative relationships with their kids.


I've taken classes / read books about parenting, how new can this be?


"Horim Barosh" teaches the Shefer approach to parent child relationships. It is like nothing else you have ever heard, is deeply respectful of both parents and children and is meant to help parents and children grow into the best people we can be.

I need solutions now!

Isn't there a better, shorter way?

Raising kids is a long-term endeavor and this workshop trains you to go the distance!

Long lasting change comes from changing your mindset. Practicing new ways of thinking and behaving takes some time and practice, after which it comes more easily and naturally! There are no shortcuts to lasting change. 

I really just want to get my own life on track, isn't private counseling more effective?

Private counseling can be effective to solve a short term crisis. A workshop equips parents to handle not just the issues facing them now but whatever comes up in the future, as well. Part of what makes the learning so effective is the power of the group.

Often a parent who insists on private guidance is mired deep in shame and guilt over whatever is going on. Sharing with the group, and learning from the group, are powerful ways of learning and more effective at letting go of guilt and shame. 

Once we free ourselves of those burdens, we are ready to soar to new heights of trust and closeness.

Moments when a mom shares something difficult and hears other moms laugh because they see themselves in her story, and when she in turn finds herself identifying with another mom's experience, are enlightening in a way no individual explanation can be. Together we can learn so much more than we can alone.

The school year is almost over, soon it will be summer break. What's the point in starting now?

The beauty in starting now is that there is less pressure towards the end of the year and you can focus on making small, consistent changes. You will be better prepared for whatever trips or family adventures  summer break brings you and get valuable preparation in advance of the coming year at gan or school. Now is a great time to invest in improving your quality of life!

Let me light the way for you

Join  a workshop! 

Special discounts if you organize or host!

To register or to ask any questions, contact me:   052-3986653

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