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Expecting Moms

Hi, I'm Malka Neustader, “Coach Malka”. I'm Ema (Mom) to 6 kids, aged 10 to 23 and a coach trained and certified in the Shefer Method ("גישת שפר")

What's the Shefer Method?

The Shefer Method is an approach to family dynamics, developed to address the needs of modern families. It offers parents a new understanding of their kids' behavior and of how we, the parents, can build trust in and encourage cooperation.


The Shefer Method taught me to be confident about raising my kids, to get rid of guilt and turn our family into a loving, cooperative team. It can do the same for you.

Preparing to welcome a new child

Our culture promotes anxiety over the arrival of a new baby. I believe a new child can be welcomed with great joy and calm. I'll be explaining how  and answering your questions, in this talk

Sunday, July 26


NIS 30

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