Horim Barosh

Group Coaching for parents by Malka Neustadter

The Workshop

Why Groups


Participating in a workshop with fellow parents is hugely beneficial in the short and long term. Sharing my story with others helps me to see more clearly what is happening; the perspective offered by other parents increases my understanding. Practicing as a group creates and integrates new ways of thinking and managing which I can then use at home.


Overcoming Shame

The motivation to seek private counseling is often motivated by a deep sense of shame. Letting others hear and see our pain is instrumental in relieving us from the burden of shame and guilt we have been schlepping around. Through telling my story, and listening to others, parents in the group transform from sufferers to compadres, fellows on a  journey of discovery, growth and newfound joy in our role as parents. These stay with us long after the workshop ends. 


Bottom Line

A workshop is 14-20 meetings of which the first 8 are devoted to learning the principles and developing a language everyone in the group can work with. The remainder of the meetings are for practicing, in which all participants have the opportunity to bring up the problems they want help with and to figure out their solution with the attention and support of the group. 

The first meeting is always for getting acquainted and is always free. Workshops can be hosted at a home or in a community center or other setting. Parents who host in their home are exempt from all fees.

I also offer lectures to schools & preschools for parents' nights or other programs. 


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