Horim Barosh

Group Coaching for parents by Malka Neustadter

About Me




is a world of happy families. One of my greatest pleasures is seeing parents who enjoy their kids growing up, who trust themselves and their kids to make it through the rough spots, and the fun times, together. When I see families working and playing together, helping each other, I feel hopeful about the future of our world. More about my mission here


My Goal

is to help parents guide parents on a path leading to trust in themselves, in their relationship with their kids and their ability to solve problems. Trust inspires parents to come up with solutions to their problems; practicing effective problem solving skills increases parents' trust.


I am Mom to 6, ages 9-22. My feelings of dissatisfaction as a Mom led me to read extensively about parenting and to participate in a "chug horim" a workshop for parents using Gishat Shefer. There, I learned to see myself and my kids in new ways.  I smiled more the kids started cooperating more and even when they didn't, I handled it much better. I realized that this is knowledge alot of parents could use! So I began the journey to become a coach myself.

I am certified by Merkaz Shefer in Jerusalem. I lecture and teach workshops in both Hebrew & English. 

Learn more about me, my mission and my coaching at Anglo Israeli Parenting on facebook 

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